Yakusugi "nejiri"chopsticks(two pairs)

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The chopsticks are carefully crafted one by one.
The chopsticks are comfortable to the touch, and the handle is carved to fit your hand.
Yakusugi cedar is also popular as a good-luck charm to ward off bad luck.
The chopsticks are also suitable as a gift for longevity.

The chopsticks can be carved with your original name.
If you wish, please select "Carving (Yes)".

~About the name to be engraved~
Please proceed to the order screen and enter the name to be carved in the "Remarks" column.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Material: Yakusugi cedar

Length: (for women) 22cm / (for men) 23cm

Contents: 1 pair each of Nejiri chopsticks (for women) and (for men)

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~Yakushimaya's Product creation~

~The Diamond of Trees: The Yakusugi~
The Yakusugi is a cedar over 1,000 years old that grows naturally at an altitude of 500 meters or more on Yakushima Island, a World Natural Heritage Site.
The Yakusugi has withstood the elements and snow for 1000 years in the harsh environment of a deep natural forest.
This has made it a mysterious and beautiful giant tree with a very complex and dense grain and a lot of oil, which no other cedar has.
The cross-section of the cedar that appears during lumbering shows the mysterious beauty of nature and its deep and gentle fragrance.
The Yakusugi is also called the "diamond of wood" because of its rarity.

~The birth of the future Yakusugi ~
The future Yakusugi has just germinated and begun to grow in the deep forest.
Yakushima is an island formed by granite. It is located on a rocky mountain with little nutrition and is surrounded by many trees.
The Yakusugi grows quietly in the forest, which is not blessed with much light.
The Yakusugi has grown up in a harsh natural environment.
In the harsh natural environment, the cedar slowly grows into a giant tree, the Yakusugi, over a long period of time, up to a thousand years.

~Bidding for Yakusugi~
Logging of Yakusugi is currently prohibited, and in order to purchase Yakusugi logs, a "tender" is held under the control of the government. Only those who have the right to bid are allowed to participate in the bidding process to purchase the logs. However, the bidding system will end in March 2019, and it has become difficult to obtain Yakusugi itself. Currently, we are manufacturing products using the remaining materials.

~Lumbering of Yakusugi~
The Yakusugi is called the "diamond of wood", but just like a rough diamond, the way it is cut and polished is very important. The grain of the wood differs depending on how it is cut, and this determines whether the beautiful grain of the wood can be produced. A Yakusugi craftsman assesses and inserts the blade into the huge tree. Once the blade is inserted, it is checked again, and then the grain of the wood is cut. The process is repeated so that the grain of the wood becomes more beautiful. The Yakusugi wood cut in this way cannot be made into products immediately. It takes several months to several years for the wood to dry and become ready for production.

~Yakushimaya's product manufacturing~
It takes a long time to dry.
After taking time to dry, the product is finally made. The craftsman selects the right material for the product, cuts it, and creates the shape through a number of steps. Once the product is shaped, the next step is to polish it. There are many steps in the polishing process to make the wood surface feel warm and soft to the touch. Since there is a lot of resin in the wood, painting is also essential. In order for the wood to last longer, it is painted and polished several times.
Just like a diamond in the rough, Yakusugi cedar is judged, cut and polished by craftsmen to grow into a beautiful product that is called a "diamond of wood.
At Yakushimaya, we take great care from purchasing and lumbering to polishing to create better products. With the concept of "Yakusugi close at hand," we offer products that are easy to use and that are close to your daily life.

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